The Colliders

Between them, The Colliders have more than a century's experience playing music. The members have played all styles, all kinds of gigs, and now they have come together to play the music they really loved all along.

Jim Kennedy is an Arizona native who played Out West for twenty years, including ten years in Tucson and ten years up and down the West Coast, from San Diego to Kodiak, mainly working around the Central Coast of California. Besides rock n roll classics and hits, Jim has played a lot of country and a lot of blues. His band 20-20 had a local Top 40 hit in Tucson, and he had a three-piece band, Mary and the Blue Jays, with Mary MacGregor, whose “Torn Between Two Lovers” was a Number One hit in the seventies. Jim has a Ph.D. in social psychology and is an originator of a field of computational intelligence called “particle swarm optimization.” He is also well known as a social activist in the Montgomery County area, a blogger and president of a progressive activist organization.
Jim Kennedy: guitar

Bill Enderlin is the newest Collider, joining the band in the spring of 2010. Bill has been playing around the Washington DC area since the mid-70's. Like the other members of the band, Bill has played all kinds of music, from funk to country -- this special music of the Colliders is a kind of coming-home for all the musicians in the group, a return to our roots. Bill plays bass with The Colliders but also plays acoustic guitar and sings as a solo act -- he's performed at Potbelly Sandwich Works in College Park every Tuesday since the dawn of time. Besides the usual festivals, restaurants, bars, and honky-tonks, Bill has performed multiple times at Blues Alley, he's played at the Carter Barron Amphitheater, Bill has traveled on the road all over the Eastern US, he goes frequently to Key West to play Sloppy Joe's. Bill's singing adds a new dimension to The Colliders' sound, he can really hit those high notes! He jumps in on the harmonies and is singing lead on more and more material as he works into the band. Bill brings a style and virtuosity to the band that true music lovers appreciate.
Bill Enderlin: bass

Hank Burnett is a Maryland native with his foundations in Wilson Pickett, The Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Bob Seeger and the roots of American music – get him talking about Willie Dixon and watch him go! If this tells you anything, Hank is thought to be the only person who bought tickets to VirginFest just to see Chuck Berry. Hank has played around the DC area for decades – some early bands you might remember were God Mother Country and The Kid Band, and he played with Richard Stone in Hurricane Dixie, the house band at Millersville Inn. Hank and Richard later met up with singer/ songwriter Mark Mansfield to form the group, The Redeemers – the Washington Post wrote, “Through much of the ‘80s and early ‘90s, the Redeemers had a head start on both the L.A. cow-punks and the later ‘insurgent country’ cats with their heady blend of rock and country and punk.” Hank spent some time with the soul revue, the Jim Price Band, and played the tux/casino circuit with The Wild Bunch. Besides having a crazy sense of humor and writing incoherently encrypted emails to his fellow Colliders, Hank loves visiting every amusement park known to man and is addicted to roller coasters.
Hank Burnett: drums

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